For Your Information and Comfort During the Current Health Concern

For Your Information and Comfort During the Current Health Concern

Aside from maintaining health and wellness as the most integral priority, we at Melange want to help ensure that you, our team and our business continue to be minimally impacted by the current health concern.

At Melange we practice top-notch sterilization and sanitation. We always have, and always will! In our 12+ years of business Melange  has never had a violation for sterilization or sanitation from AHS. Not once in over 12 years! We wash our hands and disinfect and sterilize our equipment. We also clean with alcohol and anti-microbial cleaners. Again, we always have and always will!

With wellness as one of Melange’s core values, the health and well-being of our people; customers, team members and families is a top priority. We think the best way to help ensure that is to practice great salon and personal hygiene always — not just during this public health concern, but always. This is a great example of why beauty professionals are licensed and that salons are regulated, inspected and have oversight by a provincially regulated body. It’s all there to ensure that the health and safety of everyone in the salon environment and the public are protected.

As long as we are all are practicing safety and hygiene precautions, Health Canada and AHS has maintained business as usual.

While Health Canada and the AHS have shared that for most of the Canadian and Albertan public, the immediate health risk is considered low, below is a list of practices we are following and recommending to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, as well as seasonal colds and flu, based on collective information from Health Canada, AHS and the World Health Organization (WHO):

  • Washing Hands: Health Canada recommends washing hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds to help prevent the spread of germs. We wash or disinfect hands before and after clients, after eating, using the restroom, and after coughing, sneezing or nose blowing. We also use 70% alcohol sanitizer at our desk and some stations (what we were able to restock!)
  • Disinfection: AHS directs that proper cleaning and disinfection are mandatory at all times — from tools and implements to areas with counter tops, treatment rooms, back bars, reception areas, and styling stations. We are strictly following this — wiping down busy areas often with disinfectant cleaners.
  •  Hands Off: We love you and your family, and we love hugs and handshakes! During this time, shaking hands or giving hugs to our clients and co-workers is not a good idea. We’re practicing good hygiene and following the Health Canada “hands off” protocol to help keep everyone healthy. For all of us, keeping your hands “off” and away from your face, as that’s an easy path for transmission.
  • Staying Home: Keep your immune system strong — lots of vitamin C, restful sleep, and drink ample water. However, if you get sick, Health Canada and the AHS strongly recommend to stay home. At Melange  we  are offering a “sickness cancellation policy” that does not penalize any customer for cancelling their appointment due to illness. We ask if you are feeling ill to please reschedule – take care of yourself and your family. This protects our staff and all our lovely guests.
  • Well-stocked Salon: Our salon has tissue, soap, and alcohol-based hand cleansers to encourage healthful habits.
  • Health Canada/AHS: Follow them for facts as they become available — this continues to be the best source for information;

 As a reminder:

  • Wash hands frequently.
  • Don’t touch eyes, nose, or mouth.
  • Don’t share food or drinks.
  • Stay at least three feet away from anyone who is coughing or  sneezing.
  • Cough and/or sneeze into your elbow.

 Any questions: We are here to help.  Email or call us anytime: (780)465-2425

Historically, Melange Salon + Spa and the professional beauty industry, has thrived, even through challenging times. At Melange, we are doing everything we can to lead the way in personal care for our customers, community and the beauty industry.

Be Your Best Self!


The Melange Salon + Spa  Team

Breast Cancer Month at Melange

Breast Cancer Fundraiser Melange South Edmonton October

As many of you know, I’ve been battling breast cancer since last December, and to say thank you to you all, my Melange Family and to give back we are hosting a fundraising event for the ENTIRE month of October! See below for details.

If you are interested, you can read about my story on our Facebook page or our Instagram page. The initial post is a plain pink square.

It makes me SO happy to know that we are doing something to help as I go into my next surgery tomorrow, October 2nd.


Fall In LOVE With Your Look at Melange

fall promos edmonton south salon spa organic safe

Beautiful and vibrant colors of fall surround you but the crisp weather that accompanies this season can result in dry hair & skin. Feeling gorgeous and healthy this season will require a change in your routine. We can help you create a care regimen that targets these factors and recommend treatments and products to help protect it all season long.

Back To School Promotions

Back To School Promos

September is here! This  can only mean one thing (besides the hope of an actual sunny summer dwindling away). Yep, you guessed it, it’s back to school season!

The time of year where homes and neighbourhoods alike start to get reeeeeally quiet once again. The time when parents breathe a small sigh of relief, teachers get organized and the yellow busses are back on the streets.

Get your looks book ready with us this year! Promotions running until September 14th. Book Online here.

back to school promos